Merci Merci

“Thank you Diana for making our day that much more special,we wish you all the best in everything you do. May the Lord bless you in abundance of the great possibilities through loving the light and your vision for what you bring to life in so many ways.”

-Jerry and Demetrias


“Diana You are a very gifted and beautiful woman.The light and love of the creator surrounds you. This is clearly seen in your work and your life.”



“You do excellent work & rightfully deserve all the recognization, praise, and proceeds this webpage was designed for. You are dedicated to your love of capturing life’s moments; and it shows in your photography.”



“Love all the pics so pretty and so much passion!!! Great job!!”



“Wonderful work! Very dramatic and breathtaking photos.”



“This is a wonderful site.Such diversity in your photos that it keeps me wondering what the next one will bring.Once here on your site its hard to leave. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!”



“Loving the Light” is fitting. Keep up the great visuals. Life is what you make it … and you are doing great!!

-D.A. Valdez


“A very dramatic and romantic image with fantastic lighting.”

- Art Lover


“What a fantastic shot!! I love this!”



“oh yes – and such a beautiful beautiful picture. It captures so much. You really are amazing!”



“I love the contrast, both physical and emotional that this image portrays. the starkness of the bars against the growth and light of the white wall really create a play against one another.”



“I love this photograph! The way the light creates a focal point on the door and potted flowers. All your photography is beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing!”



“Etheric romance!”



“You are a truly gifted photographer with an incredible imagination to capture images like that.  Such a pleasure working with you”