Family Portrait Session with Father, Mother and Son

This family portrait session actually started with a pet portrait shoot on location at memorial at Windsor with Lucy Goo Pet Sitting. Lucy and I had collaborated that I would provide pet portraits of her clients and their pets at this meet and greet she setup. While I was there, I was approached by a family to do their portrait for a Christmas card. Because their toddler was only two, they requested I do an on-location portrait shoot instead of in-studio. I met the family in the community room at the Windsor where I setup my photography equipment. I took photographs of them along with their puppy and we had an amazing time. While taking pictures we also photographed the adorable little boy as he ran around and played with his Buzz Lightyear doll. I really liked the background of the accent wall in the community room and it worked well for the photography. I was also really pleased with the lighting during the shoot and the beauty of the family. The Christmas cards turned out fantastic and I received warm wishes from the family letting me know they appreciated the photographs.