Senior Girls Pictures

Shelia was excited to graduate and contacted me to do her senior portraits. She wanted to have in-studio shots as well as urban senior portraits. She had two and a half wardrobe changes. First was a cap and gown. The second was a comfortable, layered outfit complete with scarf describing how she felt living day to day in the city of Houston. Her and her mother, arrived in the studio, and we initially took photographs of Shelia in the cap and gown. Then we took photographs of her and her mother (who, by the way, is a sweetheart). After these portrait shots, it was only a short walk from the studio to taking photographs outside with the Houston skyline in the background. From there, we took some photographs on a walkway which was over a freeway on the opposite side of my studio. After those photos, we went a short walking distance to the Houston warehouse district and took pictures in front of some very eclectic brick buildings. In between shots of buildings we had so much fun locating some exiting and fantastic city street angles. My favorite happens to be an action shot I took where Shelia is walking down a sidewalk above moving cars played off as a background in-motion. Congrats Shelia, not only did you make our shoot wonderful, but you were an absolute natural in front of the camera.

Wishing you continued success after graduation!
-Diana Simonetta