Kid Brother & Sister – Children Family Portraits

Jack called me because he wanted to have an photographic anniversary gift for his wife. He asked me to shoot on location at a bar in downtown Houston with his two children. I agreed and we met at La Carafe which was of particular significance to the family. We met and shot outside of the establishment on the patio area. Although the children were initially shy they soon warmed up to the camera and posed quite adoringly. The little sister was very affectionate, hugging her brother. This, I was told by the father, was quite unusual behavior for them at this point in time. I took individual portraits of each child as well as pictures of both children. Jack had 20×30 canvas print made of the photograph I took of them standing of them in front of the doorway of the establishment. In addition there was an order for several 8x10s and 5x7s on metalic prints for both individual and family portraits. I was told the surprise prints as a gift went well and his wife was very happy. The family went on to purchase an additional 15 images from the photo shoot.

Love… Laugh… Photographs
Diana Simonetta